Mending a Relationship Back to Health

It is very common for a couple to go through ups and downs in their relationship. The most common reason for relations break down is raising kids. After that it is usually a demanding career or simply one person in the relationship is going through changes. Mending a relationship back from the “downs” requires effort from both parties and this can only come of both parties want the relationship back in strong working order.

The connection in a relationship often falls by the way side and it simply needs a little help to be seen and felt again. Mending a relationship back from the trenches is a common road traveled. Start the journey today using these seven effective success tips.

1. Both parties must be dedicated to fixing the relationship and finding the connection again. Staying for the kids or out of convenience is not enough. You must be committed to making changes.

2. Find the core of the problems, not just the problems themselves. Each of you needs to have a clear perspective on the problems in the relationship. There are reasons the symptoms of a troubled couple are there. Use the symptoms to diagnose the real problem. This is valuable in a relationship whether it is in trouble or not. Example: An affair is not the REAL problem. There is a reason the person had the affair. It is this reason that is the core of the problem. Mending a relationship requires you both deal with the core issues at hand.

3. Communicate your feeling, needs, and disappointments. Both of you must voice your feelings and both of you must listen to the other. Hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and be honest, and understanding. If your partner says something that hurts you remember that this is the only way to sort out the issues in the relationship.

4. Put a plan of action into place. Together come up with an action plan that will dissolve the issues and you can both start mending the relationship back to when it glowed and you were happy.

5. Make solid footprints in the plan. Take action right away in the areas that you need to improve in. Help each other out along the way. Help remind each other and support each other in the areas that might be more difficult.

6. Don’t expect perfection too soon. Give things time and give your partner time to adjust to things they may find difficult or have issues with. Be patient, understanding and supportive. Have a little laugh about the things you also find difficult so your partner doesn’t feel alone in the process.

7. Spend time together. Life is busy there is no doubt. Don’t take each other or the relationship for granted. Instead, make an effort to find time together and use it wisely. This area should be on your action plan. You can plan a weekly outing. Meet up for lunch during the week. If you have kids you can do chores together in the evening when the kids are in bed and chat while getting them done. You will finish faster allowing each of you more free time, either together or independently.