Healthy Weight Loss for Kids

With the onset of the different issues regarding obesity, healthy weight loss for kids is becoming a big concern for parents and health authorities. It may seem difficult to find ways for healthy weight loss for kids because their immune systems and metabolisms are not the same as the adults. However, they can still make use of some of the methods for weight loss that adults do.


Perhaps one of the most common beliefs when it comes to raising children is to feed them anything they want because they need all the vitamins and nutrients their bodies can gain from eating those different types of foods. Furthermore, parents tend to reward their kids with sweets and other treats that usually consist of junk food whenever an achievement is made.

Parents encouraging bad habits

What parents do not know is that type of reinforcement further encourages overeating, binging, and bad eating habits. Parents also may not know it but they may be the ones responsible for the bad eating habits of children if they themselves are doing the same thing. Parents should set a good example for their children so it can become a good start for healthy weight loss for kids.

The sedentary lifestyle

Aside from binging and overeating, the sedentary lifestyle of children nowadays also contributes to the problems regarding child obesity. Some adults blame it on technology in the form of computers, videogames, television, and the Internet, all of which encourages children to stay indoors instead of playing outside with friends or participating in sports.

Creating an awareness

Parents have to be aware that their kids can also become obese as much as they can. In fact, they should know that the side effects of obesity on adults can also have the same effect on their children. For instance, an asthmatic overweight child can have much more problems compared to an asthmatic with an average weight. Furthermore, overweight children are also prone to developing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes at a very young age.

How to start

Just like in adults, healthy eating habits and exercise are the most important keys for healthy weight loss for kids. However, before placing your child in a weight loss program, make sure to bring them to the doctor first for an evaluation. The doctor can even help you design a weight loss plan or provide you with the right one so you can be guided on how your child can safely lose weight. If obesity is genetic in your family, the doctor can advise you on the right activities and give you the right treatment for it.

Things to remember

Keep in mind that the dietary requirements and needs of children are different from the adults. If you are also trying to lose weight, do not give your weight loss plan for children because chances are, it is not suitable for them. Discipline also plays an important role in healthy weight loss for kids, and it should also be evident in the parents’ part.

Why discipline?

As a parent, you should be able to firmly say “no”, be able to limit your child’s eating but not starving them, and learn not to be intimidated by any form of tantrum or whining when they cannot eat what they want. Remember that correct disciplinary measures and control can help promote healthy weight loss for kids.

Becoming a role model

Encourage your children to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle by promoting healthy eating habits and more physical activities. Activities in the form of outdoor games can be enjoyed both by you and your child. You can also participate in sports together or let them join you when you go biking, jogging, or even camping. Furthermore, start cooking healthy meals together so they can also learn how to make healthy choices for foods to eat even when you are eating out.